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roosevelt international academy books

roosevelt international academy books


This work was done while employed at Might & Main.

The Roosevelt International Academy, based in Rhode Island, provides foreign high school students, primarily from China, with access to some of the best secondary education in the U.S. and fast tracks them to top universities around the country. Students benefit from a cross-cultural experience within and outside the classroom.

This collateral set was developed to serve the various communication, recruitment and training needs of the organization. Along with developing a system that carried through all materials there was also the added challenge of providing complete, parallel translations in Mandarin Chinese.

The original layout and design was established by Sarah Mclean and Morgan DipPietro. I then worked with them and Arielle Walrath to carry that through the four books and other business materials. I refined layout and type styles and color palettes, refined and created infographics and managed photo assets. I implemented the translation, working with the translator to ensure accuracy of the content as well as the integrity of cultural nuances. I also handled the production and file prep process.

Digital versions can be found here.


Creative direction: Arielle Walrath
Lead design/art direction: Morgan DiPietro & Sarah Mclean
Design/Art direction/production design: Jon Novak